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In the world we living in today, most girls are falling in love or being in relationships with boys with the intention of only receiving what they desire from the boys and not for true love that was embedded between Abraham and Sarah which is the agape love(love Of the soul)but the one we indulge […]

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My Love

My Love Hmm.. it took me twenty-five (25) years before I could confidently define love, maybe not proficient like every other beings does because I found an unusual beloved – a special definition of love.Before now i never believed love was the said beautiful thing, I did not know nor understand the lines of love […]

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Quote Of The Day:

Love It’s a day and as well, the month to explore love, not only to our spouse, friends or relatives but must be extended to everyone around. Yes, to everyone who needs a smile to be delighted in heart. And with that we being our quote of the day which states that.. “If you don’t […]

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