In the world we living in today, most girls are falling in love or being in relationships with boys with the intention of only receiving what they desire from the boys and not for true love that was embedded between Abraham and Sarah which is the agape love(love Of the soul)but the one we indulge in the today’s world is the Eros love(love of the body) and Philautia(Love of the self) that’s the reason You may find out that a girl can reject a guy’s proposal just because he is from a poor background.

A girl may deny a guy’s proposal by default, just because his parents are poor and cannot afford to provide him with everything. This might be the major influence for the girls to reject any kind of a proposal from a guy. Most girls would prefer having a guy who will be like an ATM card for them, so that they may not have any problem asking for money, at any time, whenever they want it and it goes either way that some girls don’t even care yeah they don’t Further more, some guys from poor families do try to do their best to work hard at school, so they can acquire a certificate, a diploma, or a degree. So that they can be employable at a certain company, so that they can be able to earn money just to please girls.

And others use the knowledge that they have acquired from their studies to indulge in small businesses because they want to have money that the girls want a guy to have.Since this is one of the biggest pictures that a lot of males in this generation have placed in their brains, allow me to clearly advise you as a social critic that not all girls have that intention of wanting a guy who is rich. Not all girls have the desire of wanting the riches that exists on this earth, through a guy or a lover. Not all girls are like that.

There are many girls out there, yes in this same Nigeria and in the same state or area as you and are not money lovers or gold diggers. Girls who aren’t looking for guys who are from rich families or are looking for guys to eradicate their poverty and yes take note that Not all girls that you see in the streets fall in love with a guy just because of where he comes from. But instead they fall in love with a guy based on what and who he is and the love that they are able to demonstrate in their lives. Because to them, being rich means having a loving heart, like that of Jesus Christ. A love that does not choose whom to be with but just the unconditional love.


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