Drugs are chemicals that disrupts the brain the nerve cell function.  is all about getting accustomed to a particular habit which itself is a complex disease and inorder to quitting this habit depends upon an individuals strong will power. Drug abuse is all about dependence on legal or illegal drug or medication.Few legal stubtances like alcohol and nicotine are also considered as drugs.This abuse disbalances the mindset of an individual by changing the structure and function of the brain.This habit or addiction has a great impact on brain.In order to presume a better life people must stop abusing drug.When an individual gets accustomed then he loses self-control and becomes unable to take any sound decisions

Addiction is a thing to avoid it gets worse day by day most Pele don’t get addicted to only drugs and sex most of us gets addicted to material things and gadgets. When I undersrood the meaning of addiction I realized I was addicted to so many tbings but let’s cut the long story short and go to the point.

Addiction starts when you get used to a particular things you can’t do without getting addicted to drugs is one of the most dangerous things on earth it doesn’t kill so fast as covid 19 though, addiction to drugs makes a man think about what he’s not meant to think of at that particular time and stage of life, sometimes drug addicts pass out for some days.
The best way to stop it is to be ready. ARE YOU READY?

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Ay Roddy

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I’m ready….
How will I ¿

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I don’t think I am ready
Though I don’t take drugs
So I guess I am not ready to let go

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