A word is enough for the wise

A word is enough for the wise

Online Marketing 💸💵: Okay
I’ll talk this afternoon Walahi
In the name of money girls have seen a lot
You date your younger brother’s age because of money
You eat shit
You allow him to do threesome all because of money
Some of you girls don’t believe in your hustle, education anymore
They just want to wear flashy cloths, rocking designers, want to use iPhone 11 and stuffs

Online Marketing 💸💵: If they use you for your mother and she cries shebi she’ll be happy

Nonsense and ingredients 🤣😅😂
You wanna live the lifestyle of a celebrity buh you ain’t working for it.
Shout out to all the hardworking ladies out therez the sky is your starting point. Awon dem CEO 🤗🤗.
Buh all of you waiting for a boy to provide all your needs, don’t worry you’d soon meet your Waterloo imbecilic animals in human flesh 🤣

Online Marketing 💸💵: One even asked me to help her look for a rich yahoo boy. Ode Omo! Let them use you
I ain’t saying you shouldn’t date rich guys ooo

*Just don’t be gullible*
Not everyone will be rich or die rich 💯
Ladies beware of a thing you do for money. Most men that offered you money for a night require more than what you called sex for 100k or any amount wey you like. That night of pleasure with the man may cost your life … *A word is enough for the wise*

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