Only in my father land (1)

Only in my father land, bandits get amnesty
After massacre of innocent souls
After numerous houses were burnt
When right to life no longer safe
Bandits get government money
For killing her citizens.

Only in my father land,
Criminals negotiate with government
only to stop their crimes
Although, gentle men of my country,
were accused of treason
and later send to jail.

Only in my father land,
will a press men received bomb letter;
For for saying the truth.

Only in my father land,
are those to be under psychiatric attention,
Wear blacks and carry guns
Killing road users for fifty naira
Open fire on protesting students
Turning to uniform road beggars.

Only in my father land,
You see Yoruba graduate in bank,
Accounting student turning transporter,
Masters holder as nursery school teacher
PhD driving trailers.

Only in my father land,
a thief turns a chief.


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