It’s yet another month, but have you thanked God for His faithfulness in the past months? Have you exalted His name for the grace to witness the sun of this day?

I think a lot about thanksgiving, the reasons, advantages and the blessings it’s replicate. I love the idea of being thankful, ’cause I don’t think thanksgiving to God should happen only one day of the year or one day of the month.

Well, I am neither excluded from this table, I can as well tell you I don’t give thanks consistently enough, of which is totally wrong. We all seem to be obsessed with the circumstances surrounding us, forgetting the prominent creator of our life. Imagine not being alive, will you be able to think about that problem you think you’re facing? Of course not!

Most of us don’t know that in thanksgiving we receive victory to every difficulty we are encountering. No wonder the psalmist said he’s going to praise God at all times for His mercies is everlasting. (Psalm 89:1).

God has emotions, and he does desire our praises.
The Lord wants to be thanked for His providence and sovereignty. He wants to be thanked for taking our sin and making is clean. Isn’t he worthy? He surely deserves it!

“There is not a single thing we own, nor a single thing about who we are that has not been given to us by God”

Lack of thanksgiving keep us from moving forward, I have experienced it numerous times. God is angered against an ungrateful heart (Numbers 11:1-2). Gratitude propels us forward into the life God designed for us.

When we appreciate Him for what He has done, and for what he is yet to, even in our arduous circumstances, he tends to open His flood gates of blessings upon our lives and grants us all round peace and joy.

The art of thanksgiving should be consistent, steadfast, genuine and shouldn’t be a one day activity. Thank Him in all, for He is good.

Only with this can we be more!

© Kelvin Kyle Adewale – May 2019.

Written by:

Kelvin Kyle

Director, YouCanBeMore Creations.. Student studying ecotourism and life, a development thinker, writer, conservationist, fashionista and entrepreneur. I love dreaming, writing and creating progressive innovations. This is me, anything else is additional gifts from God😎

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