A woman proposed to marry me in Canada –Kenny Blaq

A woman proposed to marry me in Canada –Kenny Blaq

Comedian and singer, Kenny Otolorin, aka Kenny Blaq, shares his experience in Canada with KORE OGIDAN

What makes you travel as much as you do?

I travel outside the country at least twice monthly. I love to travel and more interestingly, I love knowing that I will get paid for the trips I make. I enjoy seeing new countries and experiencing new cultures. I don’t have a problem visiting a country more than once. It’s also nice to get a few days or weeks off living in Nigeria.

What was your most recent travel experience?

I visited Canada in June 2018, and it is such a wonderful country. The only problem with it is that there’s a long distance to commute between states. I toured with Bovi, Ycee and others. The most comforting thing for me there was the easy accessibility to the Internet.

In general, I had a great time there and it was so much fun that I didn’t feel like coming back to Nigeria.

What was the purpose of the travel?

I went to Canada for work. I went for my Kenny Blaq Canada Tour, which was very exciting.

Who paid for it?

The promoter of the show paid for the flights, accommodation and performance fees. Of course, I had some money for my personal spending; to go shopping, watch a movie and other things.

What was your experience going to Canada?

I had been to Canada once before and I went with the Ooni of Ife for an event. This time, I went to do my own show which made the trip even more awesome. Eating African food was one of the most important things that made the trip enjoyable. I met many people who loved my performance and I got to attract some Canadians who became my fans. Some Canadians watched me for the first time and they loved my craft. I even met a lady who wanted to marry me but I put her on hold till the next time I would visit the country, so we can discuss further. I didn’t want people to think I accepted her invite in order to become a citizen of Canada. But it’s ultimately because there is love somewhere in there.

How long did you spend there and what was your living condition?

I spent about two weeks having back-to-back performances. We stayed in a rented apartment for the duration of the trip. I honestly enjoy staying in apartments instead of hotels whenever I travel out of the country. It was an amazing experience and we had so much fun staying in our apartment. We were free to do as we wished – play music as loud as we wanted; store food in the fridge conveniently and so on. We didn’t need to call room service because we had our own services to ourselves. It felt so much like home that when I was leaving, I wanted to take the key away.

Was it anything like you’d imagined and heard or was it different from what you pictured?

Yes, it was in a way. I expected the cold and seeing Caucasians but it’s the distance between places that still kept surprising me. From my location to my next show, it took about two and a half hours by air.

Did you try their food?

I didn’t get to, but I may the next time I go. Looking at the food, I wasn’t sure that it was something I wanted to experiment with but my friends tried it and said it was nice.

What were some of the highlights of your trip?

I had so much fun at the mall, playing and joking around. Some people weren’t sure it was really me; some didn’t know who I was and some were curious to know where I was in the mall. One time, someone was playing music and I began to dance. People then started making videos of me dancing and posted the videos on social media.

Was there a language barrier?

There was no language barrier but I didn’t succeed in learning their language, though I tried. I got a few words but my Yoruba accent kept interfering. In fact, I made friends and they were very friendly. Some were Nigerians, some were Canadians and some were even from different states in America. They showed me around and I visited the Toronto Fashion Academy.

What country do you plan on visiting next?
I can’t wait to visit South Africa. I’ve heard so much about Sun City, Johannesburg and Cape Town, in particular. I love what I see in pictures and videos. I will like to go for a vacation, not just to work. I may also get bookings from there; that’s even a bonus for me if I do.

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