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Quote of the Day:

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“The more you read about politics, the more you got to admit that each party is worse than the other.” – Will Rogers

Without doubt this is the matter arising in many part of the world. The world ‘Democracy’ has been misused and all politicians now often more than ever before, only care about their selfish interest and not of the people they are leading.

Their corrupt activities and practices is alarming and calls for great turn in choice when the nation returns to the polls.

But above all it is still the same corrupt minds we are recycling. Even the youths aren’t ready to fight and right these wrongs.

And with all these, we are rooted in the same hole of corruption. Just diverse depth.

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Kelvin Kyle

Director, YouCanBeMore Creations.. Student studying ecotourism and life, a development thinker, writer, conservationist, fashionista and entrepreneur. I love dreaming, writing and creating progressive innovations. This is me, anything else is additional gifts from God😎

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