Episode 6

I had never read a more emotional story book
in my life- her diary

Immediately we left her classroom and headed
for my car which was luckily parked close,
Jean and I jumped into the car as Leo sped
off as if he knew what we were up to.
“Madam, hospital right?” Leo asked and I
nodded, not bothered if he saw me or not.
I started blowing air into her nostrils.
“Mum, what are you doing?” Jean had asked
and I just shrugged, confused
He shook his head and sighed, sweat beads
under his nose.
“That’s no rescuing skill mum. If you’re gonna
fan, fan. Not blow some kinda microbes into
the poor girl’s nostrils” he said, his nose
pulled up, displaying his irritation
“Na you sabi” that was all I could say.
When one is confused, it’s just so definite that
one could do some things wrong, I wonder
what his crucifixion was for anyways.
I picked up my phone and flipped through my
“Hello darling” I had said to my husband over
the phone
“Hey girl”
“Are you at work?” I asked.
“Oh yes. What’s wrong with you?” he asked,
somewhat agitated. He must have felt the
tension in my voice.
He is the managing director of a big private
hospital in town- Royal Diadem Hospital
“Get set for a cross examination and probably
a surgery” I said and I heard the screeching of
the chair.
He must have probably stood up abruptly
“What’s the matter girl?” he asked
“It’s a student. We will be there soon”
As she was being wheeled into one of the
Accident and Emergency department theatres,
I joined my hands together as I closed my
eyes firmly.
I felt my husband’s hand round me and relaxed a bit
“It is well dear” he said
I smiled as I quickly held his hands
“Dearie, what could be wrong with her? She’s
a young teenager. Why would she be bleeding
like that? I was so scared” I said and he shook
his head
“She is going to be checked now and we will
find out what it was exactly. Be calm please”
he said as he pecked my forehead and left
I looked around for my boy and I saw him at
the entrance of the theatre, pacing to and fro
like a concerned groom awaiting the sex of
his newborn
Funny boy!
I went close to him and sat down.
What could have happened to this girl?
I had heard a lot being said about her in
recent times, all revolving round her being
possessed by the devil to the extent that she
had become resistant to the name of Jesus
She even slapped Elder!
But it looked to me like there was more to it.
Jean had been disturbing me to check on her
and ask her what the problem was and I had
been so furious as to why he would want that
of me.
I had never been a prayer warrior or a
deliverance master so why he was so
interested in her to the extent that he wanted
me to pray for her, I wondered.
“Or do you like her?” I had asked him
He looked at me suddenly and flinched
“God forbid” he said and I smiled a bit
“Then, you hate her?” I asked and he looked at
me again, looked away and shook his head
“Why would I hate her?” he said, silently
I laughed aloud
“You like her then” I said, eyeing him playfully
“Well, like a friend sha” he said, fumbling with
his tie

I kept on laughing uncontrollably while he
could only watch on, embarrassed
What was so unique about this girl that had
drawn my son to him?
I had sent for her records from her class
teacher and I had realized that she had been
the best student in the school since she was
in JSS 1
Even after monitoring her closely especially in
the past one month plus, she had still soared
high in all her subjects
I found her interesting
In my research, I found out that she still bed
I learnt that she had been nicknamed Wee-wee
girl and Messy Mercy and that she even had
no friend in school.
The fact that she was indeed possessed
became clear to me then especially when it
was coming from her biological mother
I heard also that she was a loner- she doesn’t
talk to anyone nor does anyone talk with her
When Jean said he wanted her to be his
friend, I was so shocked but how do I
discourage him?
Once my son said something, he really did
mean it although he might be young.
I simply told him to tell her that he would love
her to his friend and let’s hear her reply first.
This afternoon, he had ran to my office
looking really sad as he fell into my arms
saying ‘I was rejected’
I rubbed his shoulders then and smiled
“You were never meant to be friends my son. I
just didn’t want to dissuade you at first’ I said
to him and he withdrew from me and backed
“I insulted her after the rejection” he said, hurt
laced his voice as he fumbled with his
trousers pockets

I looked up at him and smiled again
“You shouldn’t have done so my dear.”
“I should go and apologize?” he didn’t say it
as if he was asking a question. He just
wanted me to affirm what he really wished to
do and there was no stopping him.
He flew out of my office almost instantly until
almost immediately; I had heard his estranged
voice call ‘Mummy!’
I jumped out almost immediately as I ran
towards the ss2 block where he was and my
eyes got drawn to the almost lifeless body on
an iron locker and the blood flowing from
under her.
My heart jumped into my mouth.
The only thing that would make a woman
bleed from between her legs as far as I was
concerned was miscarriage or abortion or
But she couldn’t just be pregnant- not at all!
I buried my head into my hands as I shook my
legs endlessly
Something made me really bothered about this
young girl and I couldn’t fathom what it was
“I just don’t worth Jean’s friendship!..” those
words rang in my ears and I looked into the
air, quite lost
“I am filthy and dirty that saying yes to his
friendship proposal would even be a sin!” the
words rang the more and I seemed really lost
in my world.
My heart raced the more
It didn’t seem like a demon-possessed issue
It sounded as if there was something hidden
and I just had to find out what it was
“But who would understand my predicament?
Nobody” it seemed as if I could see her face
even as she wrote those words down.

What could it be that this young girl was
going through?
She had wonderful parents, attended a very
good school, she was very bright in school
and all
What could the problem be for goodness’
I stood up and walked closer to my son in
front of the ward. We were at the VIP section
of the theatre so we could see what was going
on in the ward through the glassy section
“Mum, what could be wrong? Would she die?”
he asked, holding my heads tightly
They felt really cold and I quickly wore a smile
to assure him
“Death? Oh no! She can’t die” I said to him
He walked away again, really worried
What could that be Oh Lord?
I just didn’t like racking my brain over things
like this.
I would just go into the secret revealer so He
could talk to me then.
I needed a solution
Whatever predicament she was talking about
could just be life-threatening, who knows?
I looked over my son and he had dropped her
bag on the steel seat close to the door.
“Pick it” something told me and I obeyed as I
walked towards my husband’s office.
I closed the door and dropped the bag on the
center table.
I quickly improvised the hanky I was holding
as a scarf as I looked up to the heavens, my
heart really yearning
“Oh God, I have come again! You just can’t be
tired of me coming. I am here again because
you have withdrawn my peace from me as
regards Mercy. What is the problem? Is there
anything I don’t know?” I asked, face up to the
ceiling yet
The heaven felt like steel against my prayers and I fell to my knees
I was frustrated so much that I knew deep
down that the Holy Spirit just wanted to pass
across salient information across
But why wouldn’t He talk then?
Why is He being quiet?
I should worship?
I started worshipping God for selecting me for
this kind of assignment
“Oh Lord, it’s a privilege. Thanks so much for
everything. Thanks for even opening my mind
to know that I should seek you on this
matter.” As I said that, it felt as if that was
what He wanted to even hear.
It was the accurate prayer point!
God had always been faithful to me in that
I had fasted and prayed that God should give
me so much direction that when I kneel down
to pray, it wouldn’t be a waste of time but the
major prayer point for each issue I call on Him
for should be placed on my lips and he had
never failed me once.
Ask for Forgiveness
I was unsure I heard Him right but I obeyed
I must have really committed a huge sin
without being aware of it.
“My Father, please forgive me in your mercy.
In ways I have committed sins knowingly and
unknowingly, I ask for mercy in the name of
Jesus” I prayed
No satisfaction came
I had not nailed it on the head the way He
wanted it
My heart yearned the more
“Oh God, I really don’t get. I can’t really
fathom what exactly it is I am supposed to
confess. Search me oh Lord and know my
heart. Try me and know my thoughts dear Savior. See, if there be any sin in me and
cleanse me Lord” I prayed fervently, tears
gathering in my eyes already
“OK… Lord have mercy. Please have mercy…” I
prayed again when the Spirit spoke silently
I started racking my brain as I shook my head
if that would open my understanding.
“Oh Lord, I don’t seem to understand what
You are trying to pass across but I bring
Mercy before You…” just like at the Who wants
to be a Millionaire show, it felt like I heard a
round of applause on my behalf.
I had got the prayer right
The word came again and I closed my eyes
more firmly
“Father forgive Mercy for all her…” I started
again when I met with a big ‘No!’
Yes you!
I was confused.
What have I done to Mercy that I would need
her forgiveness for?
Then I started thinking deeply
The only person I had talked about Mercy with
was my husband after the service on Sunday.
It was after our lunch as we discussed over a
tray of oranges
“The service today was almost interrupted o.
We just thank God” my husband had said
I shook my head
“I was in the toilet when everything happened
o. Mama Peace was telling me that the
Elder’s daughter caused a commotion” I said
and he shook his head
“She is really demon possessed o.” my husband said and I nodded as he drove on
“My girl, she bit the usher in the church, the
whole congregation was in great disarray
because of her” he told me and I shook my
“Nawa o. That is their own cross o. they
would have to bear it judiciously or better still
take her for deliverance. I wonder why
ministers’ children suffer these things more” I
had said
“Havent you ever noticed that she walked like
a snake?” my husband said and although I
smiled at how funny it sounded but I reasoned
with it and nodded
“Just now as I think of it, her forehead has
some dark parts” I said, nodding as my
husband smiled
“You see”
As the scene unfolded, the Holy Spirit made
me aware of how foolish I had been then
“The same mistake Adam made when Eve gave
him the fruit of knowledge and wisdom was
the same mistake you made Tricia” He spoke
to me and I listened
“Instead of Adam to tell Eve that ‘Eve, this
fruit is not meant to be touched by us. You
are very wrong’ he just took the fruit and ate”
the calm voice continued
“When someone starts a discussion, no matter
how interesting it sounds, it would be best if
you called on me to filter the words and
interpret them in the stereo of your ears so
that you would know the right answer to give.”
The spirit lectured me again and tears rolled
down my face
It dawned on me how wrong I had been and
how the little conversation with my husband
had made me wrong
“That was why I couldn’t pray aright for her?”
I seemed to ask “The mistake most of you make is that, after
condemning and complaining and criticizing
someone, you would then go on your knees to
pray for such. It’s not done” he said, softly
“You complain and confess that Nigeria is this
and that, that your business is that and this
and afterwards, you come with a fake faith to
“Fake faith?”
“Oh yes!”
“How Lord?”
“The faith that was not in place when you
were complaining suddenly resurrects when
you are on your knees o pray? No! it’s not
done! Faith knows that the God on the
mountain is the God in the Valley. It speaks
positively both in the valley and on the
mountain. It doesn’t say ‘God is dead’ in the
valley and changes it to ‘I know you are alive…
really alive’ on the mountain”
That was just so inspiring and refreshing
“I am so sorry Lord. For joining the multitude
to call Mercy possessed, I am so sorry Lord.
Please forgive me and forgive my husband in
Jesus’ name” that was the short prayer I said
and then I felt peace
That was right too!
The bag!
“The bag?” I looked round to get what that
meant and I stood up when I saw her beautiful
pink bag on the table where I had dropped it.
I picked it up and unzipped it.
The books in there were neatly wrapped with
old newspaper and I opened the notes to see
her legible handwriting
My heart craved to hold her close to my chest
I felt a whole new episode of love for her.
Then, my eyes fell on a diary- a pink diary
That’s it!

I picked it up and made to open it but it was
Where would the key be right now, Lord?
I checked inside the bag again and found a
small wallet.
I opened it and found neatly arranged about
ten, one hundred naira notes.
There was a small zip and I opened
There was a small golden key attached to a
goldfish key holder.
I was glad!
“Thank you Holy Spirit” I said as I packed the
books back into her bag and put the bag
I settled down comfortably but anxiously to
open the diary and digest whatever it was that
was written therein
Legible handwriting!
Jan 1, 2016
Alice got me this beautiful diary as a new
year present as I requested. She said she got
it from her monthly salary. Yippee! Now I’ve
got to enter in everything that Mummy does to
me inside here
I sighed
I was so sure that I was in for an explosion of
a kind even as I read on.
Jan 5, 2016
Mummy came into the room I share with Sissy
and unfortunately, I had wet the bad
again.*sobs*. She said henceforth, I should
sleep at the corridor at night because I was
just too ridiculous and impossible! I pleaded
to no avail
I couldn’t swallow that at all!
My elder’s wife wouldn’t do that to her
biological daughter without a reason
I read on as my heart raced

Jan 6, 2016
Mummy just slapped me, kicked me and called
me a bastard. She reminded me that I was
just found at the house doorstep, forsaken!
She reminded me that she was not my mother
and that I should stop calling her mummy or
her husband daddy just because I told her
that I didn’t appreciate the fact that I was
sent to the balcony to sleep last night
Baba o!
I started speaking in tongues, uncontrollably
as cold descended upon me.
My teeth gnashed against themselves as I
shook vehemently.
“I cannot believe this ooo” I said to myself
Mercy isn’t their daughter?
As I read on, a sudden headache from
nowhere descended on me and I had instant
“Holy Spirit” I called out as I felt my forehead
with the back of my palm- it was hot!
March 7, 2016
My life just got ruined today. A lot happened
that even as I write, I curse the day I was
born. Daddy fondled with my breasts during
morning devotion and I slapped him when I
couldn’t believe all that happened. He later
pulled me to the room and deflowered me. He
said he had waited for the opportunity as he
watched me grow *cries*….
This was the last straw that broke the camel’s
back for me as I read on
My legs could not carry me as I shook like a
feather being driven around by the wind
My Elder?
I started feeling nauseous as I held my tummy
and rushed to the adjoining toilet to vomit in
the basin

I couldn’t bring myself to understand what
had happened
I couldn’t even forgive myself
As I pulled the tap head and water gushed
out, I stared into space as my temperature
I was so thirsty as the heat in my body
became unbearable
No wonder they termed her possessed!
I sprinkled some water on my forehead and
later walked back to the office, shaking like a
wet duck
“Holy Spirit” I called out, my voice dancing
with cold
I heard some footsteps and quickly ducked as
I put the diary in my skirt
The door opened
“Mum, you are here. Dad’s looking for you” my
son said to me.
My eyes were very hot in their sockets
“Really! I am coming” I said as I stood up
promptly, my head feeling very light
We rushed out of the office and approached
the theatre, my legs felt so weak as I could
barely compose myself
“My girl, its more than we bargained for” my
husband said and I looked deep into his face
He looked shocked as he came near me
“You look faintly. What’s the matter?” he
“What’s wrong with Mercy?” I asked, brushing
off his question
“It was a miscarriage!” he blurted out just like
that- as if it was funny.
I fell into the arm chair behind me as my
husband held me firmly, looking so worried
and shocked.
“What!” Jean exclaimed almost immediately,
coming close to us
“A miscarriage?” he asked again and I blinked
hard, tears falling down my face

“Jean, go inside the car. I will …” I was saying
but he only looked towards his father
“Is miscarriage not only in pregnant people?”
he asked, looking white
“Yes” the father replied and he widened his
eyes as he panted heavily
“Mercy couldn’t have been pregnant daddy. It
can’t be possible” he said
“But she was. Our girls of nowadays can do
what other old women can’t do. We are to
trust nobody” my husband said again
Here he was with his judgment again
“I thought she was different” Jean said as he
turned away slowly, repeating same thing as
he staggered away.
I was just too weak.
To tell my husband to stop his judgment;
To tell my son to come back so he would
know that she was really different
I was too weak- just too weak!
“Girl, be strong please. Not all your students
would be saints anyways” he said as he
patted me softly but I couldn’t talk
I could only cry
“We might have to have a surgery to remove
all the residual embryonic or placental tissue
in her womb in order to avoid possible
irritation or infection of the uterine lining. But
she has currently relapsed into comma.” He
explained and I only nodded as I rubbed my
wet face on his lab coat, sniffing as I did
A doctor ran out of the ward
“Sir, your attention is needed sir. Patient
Mercy is gasping for breath” he said and my
husband jumped up and went after him
My heart stopped for like two minutes before
coming back to life.
I jumped up and was following him when I
heard the siren of an ambulance right inside
the reception.
Some nurses jumped down and fixed the stretcher
They dumped someone who was dripping
blood on the stretcher and wheeled him
directly to one of the wards while a nurse ran
pass me to the theatre calling ‘Doctor’
Though the person on the stretcher looked so
familiar, especially those clothes, I could not
link it at all.
I started walking back to the theatre when I
saw some of the medical personnel coming
out, beads of sweat on their faces.
They all looked dejected
“Is she dead?” I asked so agitatedly
Two of them shrugged and went past me while
two nurses shook their heads
My husband looked so disturbed as if he
wanted to go somewhere sharply.
He patted my back and whispered into my
“The Lord gives and he …” he was saying when
I fell down to the ground, my hands on my
I didn’t cry though
I was so shocked that even as I fell to the
ground, my husband just ran away as fast as
his legs could carry him towards the ward
where the stretcher was being wheeled to.
I smiled at the nurse holding me and started
walking towards the theatre.
The door was opened and I just walked
straight to the corpse which had been
I removed the blue cover cloth and fell on her
face to start crying vehemently.
What a pure girl!
What pain she had gone through!
What a tragic situation!
“But God, she can’t just die like that?” I cried
out as I rubbed my cheek against hers
I felt warmth; Was that my fever rising up still?
I wasn’t sure.
I stood up, touched her neck and felt it- weak
She wasn’t dead!
I was excited
The Holy Spirit didn’t tell me she would die, I
just knew it.
I looked at the ventilator to which she was
connected and tried to see what I could do
“Ma, please, let’s leave her alone. The Lord
knows why…” the nurse was saying
It was even then I realized that someone was
with me but I simply shrugged.
A plug on the ventilator looked loose and I
pushed in it well and that was all- the pulse
came blinking again
I smiled broadly as I looked at the nurse who
looked shocked
“Wow! The ventilator must have been
mistakenly disconnected when the nurse
rushed here to tell the doc about the young
boy” the nurse said, smiling
I smiled too
“That boy, what happened to him?” I asked
and she shook her head
“A car rammed into his back and flung him
down just right here, in front of the hospital. I
doubt if the spinal cord isn’t broken” she said
and I held my chest
“That’s so serious o. would that be fixed
here?” I asked when she smiled
“If the spinal cord is broken, he would have to
be flown outside the country. But if there is
just a dislocation, it would be fixed here. It’s
a serious case o” she said and I shook my
head as I glanced back at Mercy
“No wonder, the doctor ran off like that” I said
and she shook her head sadly
“He had to madam. That’s his only son” the
nurse said and my head banged.

I turned to look at her
“He’s the doctor’s son?” I asked, almost going
“Yes ma” she replied courteously
I held her collars, almost lifting her up
“You mean, that’s Jean?” I asked and she
nodded sheepishly
I left her and ran out of the ward madly
“Its impossible oooo my Redeemer!
Impossible!….Jesu…impossible!” I sang on as I
ran towards the theatre where he was wheeled
No wonder those clothes looked so familiar!
Spinal cord?
“Jesus, I didn’t bargain for this oooo.
Impossible…impossible” I cried on as I ran like
I was being pursued
It continues….

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