It’s February; Try Something New!

It’s February; Try Something New!

Try Something New.. Commitment, Faith.

It’s a new month, the second of the year. Let’s bless the Lord for his faithfulness. Just like yesterday the year started and here we are already counting the months down.

Have you tried to ask yourself what’s next for you this year?
Are you stammering and struggling in your pursuit for success.
Are you still full of fears in achieving those God’s given dreams and goals. No! You shouldn’t be. It’s another new month, a new chapter to push forward for the unforeseen fortunes.
The greatness that lies ahead can’t be possessed while you stand doing nothing in striving for its possession.
Remember heaven only helps those who help themselves.

So Arise today, believe and stay committed; your faith can move mountains, it can access the inaccessible. Just be the best you can be and you shall be more.

Happy New Month🌹

Wishing you a month full of fortunes and great testimonies of amazing things. #YouWillBeMore.✊🏻

©Kelvin Kyle Adewale; February 2019.

Written by:

Kelvin Kyle

Director, YouCanBeMore Creations.. Student studying ecotourism and life, a development thinker, writer, conservationist, fashionista and entrepreneur. I love dreaming, writing and creating progressive innovations. This is me, anything else is additional gifts from God😎

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