The Mystery of Beating!

The Mystery of Beating!


Not long after my arrival into the city of Ibadan, I witnessed an incident of a man beating his child( a son) which he did until the boy was covered with blood due to bruises that were inflicted on him; the boy which I assumed to be within the age of 10-12 based on his height. Am sure many will be grieved with what’s the boy’s offence.

The boy had returned from school earlier in the day, done his school assignment as usual, done all the house chores appointed to him and later went to play with his mates two houses away from his. Why? Cause there was nobody of his age he could play with in his house. Though this was a habit his father detested so much but they say all work no play makes Charles a dull boy; and is it possible to raise a male child that doesn’t cherish playing? Although the boy’s intention was to return home before his father unfortunately for him his father got home earlier than expected. In my presence severe neighbours appealed to the father not to punish the boy too harshly but all their persuasion fell on deaf ears. There I got to know that the father is fond of beating the boy for every wrong doing even for the most trivial ones.

What is my point? I have come to realize that some parents are terror in the house, they maltreat their children like they are not their biological parents. Infact some children wonder at some point just like the boy earlier mentioned if truly thus parents are his biological parents. Some parents even claim the beating to be child upbringing and child training. Don’t say because the bible mentioned that the madness in a child is removed with a rod, you should beat your child at every wrong doing, every being is subjected to mistakes, words can serve as rod amind other things and not beating at all times. Too much of beating on a child can literally yield something else way off obedient, even academically it does affect.

Some parents even regard themselves as no nonsense.. Hhumnn; it can be dangerous for a child’s future and even mislead his understanding of parental care, some might get intimidated and could invariably affect them to the extent of loosing confidence in him/herself.
It is a very bad thing when a child can’t be free with his/her parents because it may consequently affect the child to an extent that he/she may be unable to express himself confidently even among his peers.

A cordial relationship between children and their parents goes a long way In the lives of children and it is also a bad thing not to give your child room for leisure.

Bring up your child in the way of the lord and not in the way of severe beating.

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